By  DocsMT

Mindray A7 Anesthesia Workstation Gets Improved Agent Management Features

Mindray, a firm out of Shenzhen, China, is beefing up its A7 Anesthesia Workstation with the newly expanded Optimizer suite that helps manage anesthesia agent use throughout the procedure.

It provides live monitoring of agents in use, helps to reduce waste, and creates a report at the end of each procedure based on calculations of agent use. (Most of these features are already available on Datex-Ohmeda and other machines, so these are becoming an industry standard, it seems.)

The firm believes the new offering can help cut costs, increase procedural efficiency, and even help the environment by reducing emissions.

From the product page:

The Optimizer suite of functionality promotes low flow anesthesia by:

  • Monitoring intra-case fresh gas and agent usage
  • Providing end of case agent consumption calculations
  • Providing real time visual agent consumption
  • Recycling sample gas to minimize anesthetic agent waste while protecting the environment


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