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YLC-1002 title

detail image

(MODEL : YLC-1002) 

Syringe type device Only Syringe       Oriental type device Only Oriental



MENEEHOME separates the used needle only (syringe type, catheter type, dental use, oriental needle, etc) and so, protects medical personnel from infection.

◆ Safety of meneehom

1. It separates the used needle from the syringe and destroys it automatically. 
The destroyed needles are collected in the box and wasted .
2. It makes free from the fears of needle stab wounds and infection from bacteria to medical personnel.
3. It prevents from the 2nd infection accidents of cleaning and waste disposal people in hospital.

◆ Consumable List

YLC-1002 Model Inlet Part name : Inlet , Change perid : Amount One Months
YLC-1002 Model Inlet Sillicon Part name : Inlet Sillicon , Change perid : Amount One Months
YLC-1002 Model Needle Collection Bin Part name : Needle Collection Bin , Change perid : When it is full
YLC-1002 Model Needle Collection Bin Cover Part name : Needle Collection Bin Cover , Change perid : When it is full
YLC-1002 Model standPart name : Stand , When it use fixed

The Characteristic of each device 



YLC-1004S title

detail images

 In Korea, 96% of medication people have experience needle-stick injury 

arrow.pngRemove needle from dental syringe  

1. It senses a movement automatically when you put the needle into the inlet.
2. Remove the needle from dental Anesthetic Syringe
3. Capacity of needle collection bin : 1 liter.
4. Use the stand is stable
5. Specification
   - Size : 130 x 130 x 156
   - Power: 100~240V/50~6Hz
   - Processing time : 2sec
   - Capacity : 1 liter  The safest work environment establishment
  Prevention of workers' injuries by needle

arrow.pngConsumable List

stand Stand

waste bin Waste Bin





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